Delays on Toastmasters Website

World Headquarters advises us that the website will be down for the following periods of time, due to extended testing:

  • May 5 – May 17: You will not be able to submit education awards through Club Central. You can submit awards by submitting to the email address up to May 17. No awards can be submitted for any reason between May 18 and May 22. World Headquarters believes that processing should resume on May 23.
  • May 5 – May 22: The Toastmasters Online Store is unavailable and product orders cannot be accepted; this includes DTM awards and print paths. Path purchases will not be available either, nor can membership applications be processed. Membership application processing resumes on May 23.
  • May 18-May 22: All services that require login to the website will be unavailable: this includes District Central, Club Central, your Profile, your Base Camp, and the Speechcraft Gateway. Please download any resources you need before May 18.
  • May 21-May 22: The enter website will be down, with a maintenance page indicating a temporary closure for anyone who visits the website.

Club Advisory

During the period from May 18 to May 23, each club’s Addendum of Standard Club Options — the part of your club’s constitution that includes your dues structure, inactive member fees, meeting times and places, and additional officers beyond the traditional seven — will undergo an update. On May 23, this form will then be blank, with new options. Accordingly:

  • Please gather the data for your club before May 18. Any club officer can do this.
  • After May 23, re-input the data, or
  • hold a business meeting of your club to renew this information.