Elected Officers

Appointed Officers

Support Staff & Committee chairs

OfficerOffice-holdercontact: @d53tm.org
District DirectorPatti Walter, DTMdd
Program Quality DirectorBettyann Peck, DTMpqd
Club Growth DirectorMohan Padamati, DTMcgd
Administration ManagerNorm Thibodeau, DTMdam
Finance ManagerGlendalys Ramosdfm
Public Relations ManagerZachary Fisk, PM3prm
Immediate Past District DirectorJohn J. Hogan, DTM IPDDipdd
Committee Chairs(in alphabetical order by role)
AuditRich Dirksen, DTMaudit
Club ExtensionKate ScarcellaClubExtChair
CredentialsPaul Randolph, DTMcredentials
Club CoachSteve Lanning, DTMclubcoachingchair
Club Officer TrainingTBD
Chief JudgeBeth Van Kempendcj
Contest ChairTBD
Immediate Past District DirectorJohn J. Hogan, DTM IPDDipdd
District Leadership Committee (DLC) ChairAndrew B. Watt, DTM, PDD, interim chairnominations
Club Officer TrainingTBD
Public RelationsZachary Fisk, PM3prm
Social MediaHeather Turner, DTMsocialmedia
Youth LeadershipTBD
Support Staff
Registration ManagerNorm Thibodeau, DTMregmgr
ParliamentarianTom Farrelly, DTM parliamentarian
PodcastSarita Patelpodcast
WebmasterAndrew B. Watt, DTMwebmaster

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