District DirectorAkihiro Ishii, DTM
Program Quality DirectorJohn Hogan, DTM
Club Growth DirectorPatti Walter, DL5
Administration ManagerSteve Lanning, DTM
Finance ManagerJessica Ficarra, CPA
Public Relations ManagerBettyann Peck, DTM
Immediate Past District DirectorAndrew Watt, DTM, IPDD
WebmasterJoe Audet, CC,CL
Credentials ChairPaul Randolph, DTM
Club Extension ChairTBD
District Chief JudgeTracey Adkins, IP2
Realignment Comm ChairMohan Padamati, DTM and Amy Chiu, EC4
Registration ManagerNorm Thibodeau, DTM
District Leadership Committee ChairAndrew Watt, DTM, IPDD

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