Attention Club Officers:
Winter 2021-2022 Training is now scheduled!!

Our District Mission…
We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

District Director – Akihiro Ishii, DTM
Program Quality Director – John J. Hogan, DTM
Club Growth Director – Patti Walter, DL4

Public Relations Manager – Bettyann Peck, DTM

Division A Director – Tom Farrelly, CC, ALB
Division B Director – Zachary Fisk, PM2
Division C Director – Molly Hayward, DTM
Division D Director – David Thornton, DTM
Division E Director – Beth VanKempen, ACB, ALB

Using Toastmasters Gift Certificates
District 53 celebrates and recognizes member and club achievement with gift certificates to the Toastmasters International store. Stumped by how to make the best use of these valuable rewards when you or your club receives them. How to use TI Gift Certificates…

We’re Ready to Serve Incoming Club Officers
We’ve curated a collection of resources designed to help club officers get off to a running start as they take office. Find links to downloads from the Toastmasters without having to search. Click to view the collection…

Coronavirus Update – Revised May 20, 2021 – Review New Information

As vaccinations proceed apace across New York State, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, there is hope for a return to in-person meetings in the future. Public health agencies and officials are starting to loosen mask restrictions and travel limits, and more facilities are opening to semi public meetings.

Since each Toastmasters club is an independent entity, each club may decide to return to in-person meetings by a majority vote at a regularly scheduled and announced business meeting. The District suggests that a committee of club members develop a procedure that meets local public health guidelines and satisfies any requirements imposed by the host venue. Please include processes for members and guests to attend virtually wherever possible in your club guidelines. Know also that your club and its officers have insurance to protect you against physical damage to your host facilities, but that this protection may not extend to claims arising from a member or guest’s health care.

District 53 Toastmasters has a more complex route back to in-person meetings than individual clubs. Many of our historic venues for TLIs, Club Officer Training, and District meetings are still closed to outsiders, and are choosing to remain so until later this year.

For a complete update with important new information, go to the District 53 Coronavirus Update.