The Voice is Yours hosted by Sarita Patel is a podcast dedicated to the Toastmasters District 53 community. It’s recorded and produced by Sarita Patel as part of her ongoing work in Pathways, and hosted on the District 53 website.

We’d love to hear from you about your listening experience, and we hope you enjoy the opportunities this series makes possible — the chance to learn from new and seasoned members about the breadth of the experience in this organization.

  • Episode 10: Jeff and Donna Sobel
    Sarita Patel chats with Jeff Sobel, the International Director for Region 9 in 2022-23, and Donna Sobel, a former Division Director, on this episode of The Voice Is Yours
  • Episode 9: Steve Lanning
    Sarita Patel talks with longtime Toastmaster Steve Lanning, DTM, about his experiences in club and district service, and his own motto, “do the next hard thing.”
  • Episode 8: Philip Pape
    Philip Page of Talk It Up Toastmasters sits down with Sarita Patel in this episode of The Voice is Yours, to talk about his experiences in body building and physical training, and learning to lead through Toastmasters.
  • Episode 7: Donna Peterson
    Donna Peterson sits down with Sarita Patel on the next episode of The Voice is Yours, to discuss how Toastmasters honed her leadership and relationship-building skills for a role in business development.
  • Episode 6: John Hogan
    John Hogan speaks about the role of District Director on the latest episode of The Voice is Yours with Sarita Patel.
  • Episode 5: Nancy Cook
    Sarita Patel speaks next with Nancy Peck-Cook: a cancer survivor, a children’s book author, a marathon runner, and a Toastmaster!
  • Episode 4: Stephanie Roy
    Stephanie Roy and Sarita Patel talk about the roles Stephanie took on as an Area Director during the pandemic.
  • Episode 3: Patti Walter
    Patti Walter, current PQD, talks about the experience of running the contests and education programs at the District level.
  • Episode 2: Liz Keeling
    Sarita Patel speaks with Liz Keeling, Area Director of the Year for 2022-23, on the next episode of The Voice is Yours.
  • Episode 1: Introductions
    Sarita Patel, a member of Speakeasy Toastmasters, is pleased to welcome you to THE VOICE IS YOURS, a podcast from District 53.