District 53 is part of Region 5, a constellation of several districts in the Great Lakes region on both the Canadian and US sides and stretching into the US Northeast. If you’d like to know more about the arrangement of regions in the world, and the Districts in places you visit often for business or pleasure, check out the Toastmasters International Map for more detail!

District 53

District 53 serves all of Connecticut, western Massachusetts, and eastern New York State from Duchess County to the Canadian border and including the Capital District of Albany.

Our neighbors

District 31

Covering eastern Massachusetts and the state of Rhode Island.


District 61

Covers eastern Ontario, Qu├ębec, and northern New York State. Bilingual in French and English.


District 45

Covers Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Bilingual in French and English.


District 65

Serving central and western New York State


District 119

Serving Southern Manhattan (NYC) and Long Island.


District 46

Covers 34th St in Manhattan northward through the Bronx and Westchester Counties.


District 83

Serving northern New Jersey, Rockland County and Staten Island in New York