Congratulations on serving as a club officer during the 2021-2022 Toastmasters Year. We present this set of manuals, tutorials and checklist to help you get a running start on the year. Please register for Toastmasters Leadership Institute (officer training) as soon as possible. Additional reference materials are available at Officer Tools and Resources.

Download these manuals to begin planning your club’s success through the coming year.

Note: The Club Leadership Handbook and the Distinguished Club Program & Club Success Plan manuals are no longer automatically sent to your club president in hard copy. Downloads for some items may require logging onto the Toastmasters International website.

Club Leadership Handbook

This detailed, easy-to-use manual provides the information necessary to succeed as a club officer. Contains critical information for every officer.

Download PDF
Distinguished Club Program & Club Success Plan

Use this manual to plan for success in the Distinguished Club Program and to promote a productive workflow among officers.

Download PDF
Master Your Meetings

This handbook provides the information and instruction you need to conduct dynamic and effective club meetings.

Download PDF
Creating the Best Club Climate

Part of The Successful Club Series. Techniques for creating and maintaining a healthy club environment. Includes an outline and a PowerPoint presentation.

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Use these new interactive tutorials to learn officer responsibilities and to navigate Club Central.

Please Note: You must be logged into the Toastmasters International website in order to view the Club Officer Tutorials. The same Pathways restrictions on browser ‘anti spam’ or ‘anti adware’ software applies for the Club Central Tutorials. You must disable these browser extensions before the videos will play.

Club Officer Tutorials on TI Website

These tutorials offer fundamental principles to help club officers fulfill their duties and achieve success. You must log into the Toastmasters International website to view the tutorials.

View Club officer Tutorials

Club Central Tutorials on TI Website

Navigating through the various functions of Club Central will be an important part of managing your club. These tutorials will provide instruction on the most effective use of Club Central.

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Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth is a program of self-reflection for club members and club officers to evaluate club quality and build a plan to develop the club into a Distinguished Club — or better.

Incoming Officer Checklist


Set your club up for success in the coming year by taking prompt action on the items below.

Complete before June 30th

  • Club Central / Club Officer Assignment
    • Ensure outgoing officers have updated the list of incoming officers – This MUST be completed before June 30th to earn one DCP point for the year beginning July 1.
  • Meet with outgoing leadership team to coordinate a smooth transition.
  • Visit bank to update account information, adding incoming and removing outgoing officer(s). May require letter on club letterhead.

Complete by July 1 or soon thereafter

  • Update Club Central / Club Demographics
    • Apply any changes to the club’s mailing address (generally the same as president’s address).
  • Update Club Central / Club Contact and Meeting Information
    • Apply any changes to the club contact email address. IMPORTANT: This email address is also used for all Pathways-related achievement notifications, such as level advancement requests.
    • Add or update the club’s website address and Facebook page address.
    • Add or update the club’s phone number, if applicable.
  • Update Club Website & Social Media Sites

Complete by August 31

  • All Officers Attend Toastmasters Leadership Institute Training
    • Training all your club’s officers will provide them each with the information needed to help your club and its members succeed.
    • Your club will earn one Distinguished Club Program point when at least four officers attend both summer and winter training.