Updated: 10 June 2023

Round One: Toastmasters Summer Officer Training -June through August

TLI sessions are focused on helping you quickly immerse yourself in your new leadership role. Multiple dates are available with the same content, online via Zoom, or at various physical locations across the District. The deadline is August 31.

Round Two: Toastmasters Winter Officer Training – November through February

TLE sessions are focused on club leaders sharing their experiences and ideas to help others benefit from what you are learning about your role. You only need to attend one winter TLE session. The deadline for TLE sessions is February 28.

  • For clubs to earn DCP point number 9, four (or more) officers must attend summer TLI training, and four (or more) officers must attend winter TLE training.
  • Please note: Training credit requires attendance at 3 one-hour classes, Officer Specific, Success Planning, and an elective.
  • Your elective can be one of various elective classes that will be available on your selected training date, or can be a second Officer Specific class.
  • Some dates offer all 3 classes so you can complete all 3 required classes on one day.  Or you can attend individual classes on multiple days.
  • To qualify as having attended, you must have been present during no less than 75% (135 minutes total) of the required 3 hours of training.
  • To prepare for your officer-specific training class, please review your role in the Club Leadership Handbook.

Please register for any District 53 Club Officer Training event using the links below.  All training sessions are online via Zoom.  The Zoom link is provided at the end of the registration page and is also included in your registration confirmation email and the reminder email that will be sent two days before the event.

If you’d like to know which officers still need to demonstrate attendance at officer training, you can see a list here. This list will not be updated until about mid-July.

Training in other Districts

You can attend a Club Officer Training in another Toastmasters District.  If you do, be sure to post your training date and the District attended at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AlternateCOT.  We will reach out to the other district to validate your training attendance.  We can’t guarantee your club will get training credit unless you post your attendance in this AlternateCOT log.

Below there are links to different Toastmasters districts and their training schedules. You can attend training in other districts, but you must inform us (so that we can contact the other district and confirm your attendance, as required by the Toastmasters Governing Documents).

You can use this PDF, which we will keep updated with appropriate training events in other Districts.