Steve Lanning, Club Coach Chair

Episode 9: Steve Lanning

Steve Lanning, Club Coach Chair
Steve Lanning, Club Coach Chair

Take the Lead with Steve Lanning 

Meet Steve Lanning, twice all-around Distinguished Toastmaster and everyone’s go-to Toastmaster extraordinaire.  Learn about his Toastmasters and leadership journeys. He openly shares what he is involved in and all the opportunities that opened for him during his time with Toastmasters. Interested in being a guest at one of Steve’s clubs? Find out more information below!

  • 5340 Speakeasy Toastmasters
  • Toastmasters of Downtown Springfield

New Podcast: The Voice is Yours!

District 53 is pleased to announce that the first eight episodes of a new District Podcast, THE VOICE IS YOURS with host Sarita Patel, are now available on the District website.

You can find the episodes listed on the new Podcast tab, under the top level menu About — or at this fine and well-crafted link.

Sarita is a member of Speakeasy Toastmasters in Hadley, Massachusetts; a former member of Mohawk Trail Toastmasters, and a past Area Director. She also plays an important role in the community of Massachusetts dentistry, where she’s helped revive a professional association of women dentists through the skills she learned in Toastmasters.

There are eight episodes in the first season, and two more are coming soon!

Episode 7: Donna Peterson

The Advantages of Toastmasters with Donna Peterson

Meet Donna Peterson, a leader in her own right! Get to know Donna and her navigation through Toastmasters. Donna is the Chief Executive Officer of World Innovators, a business-to-business marketing firm with over three decades of experience in developing and strengthening relationships to drive growth for clients. As a member of New Dawn Toastmasters, she has honed her leadership abilities through a deeper understanding of diverse communication styles. This has enabled her to secure additional clients through more persuasive speeches and presentations. Listen in as she shares the pearls of club meetings, how to stay motivated and how to resonate with future members and leaders.

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Club: New Dawn Toastmasters


Episode 5: Nancy Cook

Define your Goals with Nancy Cook, DL5, EC5, PM2, 

Meet Nancy Peck-Cook, cancer survivor, marathon runner, best-selling children’s book author! Listen in on how Nancy used Toastmasters to not only define her goals but find more focus and direction to achieve goals within and outside of Toastmasters. Get an insight on how she utilized the many opportunities our district has to offer anyone! 

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Speakeasy Toastmasters 

Check out Nancy’s Book and Website below: 

Book: Skiing is Believing