Episode 7: Donna Peterson

The Advantages of Toastmasters with Donna Peterson

Meet Donna Peterson, a leader in her own right! Get to know Donna and her navigation through Toastmasters. Donna is the Chief Executive Officer of World Innovators, a business-to-business marketing firm with over three decades of experience in developing and strengthening relationships to drive growth for clients. As a member of New Dawn Toastmasters, she has honed her leadership abilities through a deeper understanding of diverse communication styles. This has enabled her to secure additional clients through more persuasive speeches and presentations. Listen in as she shares the pearls of club meetings, how to stay motivated and how to resonate with future members and leaders.

Feel free to connect with Donna on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/donnaapeterson/
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Club: New Dawn Toastmasters

URL: 7723.toastmastersclubs.org