Report of the District Leadership Committee

Dear Patti Walter, DTM, District Director, and to the District —

The District Leadership Committee has completed its work.  I would like to thank the committee members — Richard Frantz, Jr, Steve Lanning, Sharon Mercado, Dave Pelland, Beth Van Kempen —for their dedication and serious attention to the work at hand.

Each year, the District Leadership Committee’s members, representing each of District 53’s Divisions, evaluate the qualifications and interview candidates for the elected roles for the coming program year.  As committee chair, I am expected to moderate deliberations and debate, and call a vote on each candidate who is presented — but not to influence the committee’s decision.

The District Leadership Committee interviewed the following candidates, and qualified them to run immediately for these roles as Nominated Candidates (links to their photos and biographical forms here):

  • for District Director
    • Bettyann Peck
  • for Program Quality Director
    • Rick May
    • Mohan Padamati
  • For Club Growth Director
    • Jackie Kessler
  • for Division A Director
    • Melanie Lee
  • for Division B Director
    • Scott Davis
  • for Division C Director
    • Rick May
  • for Division D Director
    • Stephanie Roy
  • for Division E Director
    • Elizabeth (Liz) Keeling

The committee met all its deadlines and requirements, with the exception of nominating two (2) candidates for the Club Growth Director role; this makes the report valid but incomplete. As a result, interested floor candidates who meet the requirements of the role, may present their paperwork to the District Director for the role of Club Growth Director in 2024-2025, provided that they do so prior to April 4, 2024 at noon.

All nominated candidates listed in the previous section will be listed on the District website at by March 10, 2024, along with their photographs and Biographical Information forms.

Respectfully submitted,
Andrew B. Watt, DTM, PDD
interim chair DLC 2023-2024