D53 2022 Conference Keynote – Stuart Pink

Speech Maps – The essential tool to plan and deliver any speech
After many years of speaking and membership of Toastmasters, Stuart realized that most
speakers still make a fundamental mistake that significantly hinders their ability to create and
deliver good speeches. Using Speech Maps require rethinking what a speech is, and can provide
the clarity you need to create and deliver a great speech. Stuart used a Speech Map to win the
District 31 International Speech Contest in 2020.

General Session:
How do you get great speech ideas?
Do you ever have empty speaker slots at your club meetings? Do you or your club members
ever struggle to think of speaking topics? Do your speech topics not engage audiences as much
as you wish? This session will give you all the tools you need to identify the perfect material for
your speeches.

About Stuart: Stuart is a member of Foxboro Achievers and has been a Toastmaster in District 31 for 11 years. He has won the District 31 International Speech Contest 6 times. In 2012, he came 3rd in the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. This Spring Stuart will be publishing his book Last Minute Speaking – A Survival Toolkit which helps anyone survive giving a speech and become a better speaker. Stuart is passionate about public speaking and creativity and more information can be found at his website stuartpink.com.