District Director’s Coffee Mornings

The District Director John J. Hogan hosts a series of Saturday morning Coffee Houses online.

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Monthly Member Education Program

The Monthly Member Education Program (MMEP) is an opportunity for members to engage in conversation with District leaders about the problems of their clubs, and hear about best practices in solving the common daily and weekly issues — communication, leadership, engagement, member recruitment, welcoming guests, developing a pattern of success.

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Club Officers Forums

The Club Officer Forums are a series of online exchanges and conversations for each of the club officer types. They’re roundtables, hosted by the District Program Quality Director Patti Walter and other District officers, for discussing the challenges and opportunities afforded to each the club officer roles.

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Club Coaches Roundtable

The District 53 Club Coaches Roundtable meets every month throughout the year. We bring on new coaches, update progress with existing coaches, and exchange ideas on how to best motivate and educate Clubs and their members to achieve Distinguished status.

Serving as a Club Coach is an option for credit towards the Distinguished Toastmaster Award, and a terrific leadership role. Become part of this highly motivated team of seasoned members, and ask to be assigned a Club that needs your help.

To learn more, visit the Club Coach page at Toastmasters.org. Then log in to visit your own Base Camp and search under “Tutorials & Resources” for “coach” to find the “Club Coach Module”. Complete that training to get started, and contact the Club Growth Director,  CGD@d53tm.org or the Club Coach Chair, Steve Lanning: clubcoachingchair@d53tm.org

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