District 53 celebrates and recognizes member and club achievement with gift certificates to the Toastmasters International store. We mail these to club presidents or treasurers to celebrate your club’s accomplishments, or completion of the goals listed in our incentives. These can be used for the purchase of goods and supplies for your club, for member incentives, and for awards.

Clubs can also purchase these gift certificates themselves, to say thank you to members or to create awards and incentives for their members who help the club achieve particular goals. Members can also purchase gift certificates as gifts for each other. They come in a number of denominations:

$5 Gift Certificate
$10 Gift Certificate
$15 Gift Certificate
$25 Gift Certificate

TI gift certificates can only be used on manual or mail-in orders. This takes longer than ordering online, but it’s the only way to do it for the moment. Use this process to submit such an order:

  1. Download the Product Order Form. You can purchase any item in the Toastmasters International Store this way.
  2. Using the Toastmasters International Store, locate the items you’d like to order, and enter the item information onto the order form. Simultaneously, use the Toastmasters International Store online checkout process to calculate the weight for shipping of your order.
  3. Add up the Total Price amounts for each line item. Put that amount in the Subtotal field.
  4. Once you’ve entered all items, use the shipping rate for the entire order based on weight and price that you calculated online. Add that to your order.
  5. Add any customization costs to your order, for plaques, trophies and name badges, that may be required.
  6. Add any Promotional Code(s) that’ll be applied to the order and list the discount of those codes in the Discount total field. The gift certificate is not a promotional code.
  7. Using the Subtotal and fields below it, calculate and enter the total for the order in the TOTAL AMOUNT field on the form.
  8. The gift certificate amount is applied as a payment method, and it should be listed on the Payment Method part of the form. The total amount can be calculated through the following expression:

    Total Amount = 1) Subtotal + 2) Customization Charges – 3) Discount total + 4) Shipping + 5) Express Handling.
  9. Although this will rarely apply in District 53, Colorado residents pay sales tax on supplies ordered from TI.
  10. Under Payment Method, include the gift certificate number(s) in the Gift Certificate field (lower-right corner). When the TI processes this order, they will first apply gift certificate face values to the order’s total amount, and then apply a second method if the gift certificate(s) don’t cover the order’s total amount. Gift certificates can be used to cover shipping costs.
  11. If the order’s total amount exceeds the amount of the gift certificates, add an additional payment method to cover the difference. TI recommends you use a credit card as an additional payment method since assures proper charges if you’ve calculated any numbers incorrectly.
  12. Include the actual TI gift certificate with the order form and mail both to:
    Toastmasters International
    9127 South Jamaica Street
    Suite 400
    Englewood, CO 80112

To help with the instructions above, click this link to review and download the actual order form.