May 2022 Business Meeting Results

Results of the District Council Business Meeting

May 7, 2022 — 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm EDT

Update: The results of this business meeting were approved by a vote of the clubs during the week following the business meeting — 106 YES, 0 NO, 1 ABSTAIN votes were recorded by the clubs. The minimum number of participating clubs was 96, so the results of this business meeting are RATIFIED.

These are “at a glance” informal results of the District Council business meeting held on May 7, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm EDT. This report should not be considered binding or definitive, compared with the Minutes of The District Council Business meeting which will be issued as part of the meeting packet of the September 2022 meeting.

The full meeting video is also available for viewing at DC 2022-05-07 Video.mp4

  • District Director Akihiro Ishii welcomed members at 3:00 pm, and introduced the meeting functionaries
  • Club Growth Director Patti Walter read the Toastmasters Mission, the District Mission, and the Toastmasters Promise.
  • Registration Chair Norm Thibodeau explained the procedures for online meetings and online balloting via SurveyMonkey.
  • Parliamentarian Sam Young reviewed the District’s Special Rules of Order. They were passed without objection.
  • District Director Akihiro Ishii moved on to the adoption of the Agenda and the Quorum Report at 3:20 PM.
  • Credentials Chair Paul Randolph read the results of the Quorum Vote at 3:25 PM:
    • The Business Meeting did not achieve quorum, with only 61 of 190 possible club votes available; 64 votes were needed to achieve quorum. An additional 20 votes from DEC members (Area Directors, Division Directors, and District leadership) were present, but do not count towards quorum.
    • The results of this meeting will have to be confirmed by a separate vote in the coming week, in which member clubs and District Executive Committee members will vote to ratify the results of this meeting.
  • The District 53 Year-End Audit Report 2020-21, reported by Rich Dirksen, chair of the Audit Committee, passed 76 Yes votes to 0 No votes and 5 abstentions.
  • The District 53 Mid-Year Audit Report 2021-22, reported by Rich Dirksen, chair of the Audit Committee, passed 74 Yes votes to 0 No votes and 7 abstentions. (3:47 pm)
  • The District 53 District Council Business Meeting Minutes of September 2021, assembled by Steve Lanning, were presented for approval by District Director Ishii. The Minutes were approved by 72 Yes votes, 0 No votes, and 9 abstentions. (3:55 pm)
  • The District 53 Realignment Plan for 2022-2023 was presented by co-chairs Mohan Padamati and Amy Chiu. Amy Chiu led the discussion. In summary, the District will remain at five (5) divisions, but will reduce the number of Areas from 25 Areas to 24 Areas. The Realignment Plan was approved by 74 Yes votes, 1 No votes, and 6 abstentions. (4:07 pm)
  • The District Officer Elections for the 2022-2023 program year came next:
    • Immediate Past District Director Andrew B. Watt presented the advisory report of the District Leadership Committee.
    • Nominees presented as floor candidates prior to the April 30 deadline.
    • Unanimous Consent Ballots were cast for the following officers for the 2022-23 program year:
      • John J. Hogan for District Director
      • Patti Walter for Program Quality Director
      • Jacqueline Kessler for Division A Director
      • Chad Babcock for Division C Director
      • Paula Zajac for Division D Director
      • Beth Van Kempen for Division E Director
    • In the contested election for Club Growth Director, each candidate spoke for 1-2 minutes and then the vote was taken.
      • Mohan Padamati received 23 votes, and
      • Bettyann Peck received 42 votes,
      • with six abstentions.
      • Bettyann Peck elected as Club Growth Director
    • In the contested election for Division B Director, Scott Davis spoke for 1-2 minutes, and Norm Thibodeau read a statement on Paul Terman’s behalf since the candidate could not be present due to a prior commitment.
      • Scott R. Davis received 16 votes, and
      • Paul Terman received 49 votes,
      • with 16 abstentions.
      • Paul Terman elected as Division B Director.
    • All votes for District Officers for the 2022-23 program year were completed at 4:55 pm.
  • District Leadership Reports were presented next:
    • Public Relations Manager Bettyann Peck presented the Public Relations Report.
      No questions were advanced from the floor
    • Club Growth Director Patti Walter presented the Club Growth and Membership Report.
      No questions were advanced from the floor.
    • Program Quality Director John J. Hogan presented the Program Quality Report.
      No questions were advanced from the floor.
    • District Director Akihiro Ishii presented the District Report.
      No questions were advanced from the floor.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 5:14 pm.