New Financial Manager 2023-2024

Gendalys Ramos, IP2, District 53 Financial Manager 2023-2024
Glendalys Ramos, IP2
District 53 Financial Manager 2023-2024

District 53 is pleased to report the appointment of a new financial manager for the 2023-2024 program year: Glendalys Ramos, IP2. Her appointment completes the full roster of the Senior Team for this year, consisting of District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, Financial Manager, Administrative Manager, and Immediate Past District Director.

Glendalys is a member of STAG Toastmasters, has agreed to serve as this year’s Financial Manager. Glendalys has served twice as Club President and once as VPPR, while serving currently as the club Treasurer. She joined Toastmasters in February 2019.

We thank Jessica Ficarra, past Financial Manager, for her service to the District over the previous eighteen months. Circumstances brought her into the role partway through the 2021-2022 program year; all of last year, and the first month of this year. Her responsibility for District finances wanes as the end-of-program-year audit concludes, and she completes the training process and handover to Glendalys.

Thank you to both of you for work completed, and for volunteering to a new role!