Happy New Year for Division C!


I’m your new Division Director.  My Toastmasters journey started in a corporate club (ToastUS, # 02451465, D8) in St. Louis, Missouri in 2014.  While there, I earned these awards: Competent Communicator (CC), Competent Leader (CL) and Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB).   I’ve been a club President three times and VP Membership three times.  I am assuming the office of VP Membership for the Air Line Trail Club, #6976 this year.  

I wanted to become a Division Director because I am passionate about Toastmasters and want to help my Division and D53 grow in membership and improve performance metrics.  I am a Project Manager in my professional life and have many associated leadership and communications responsibilities.  I use an empathetic approach to guide those I serve.  My other associated soft skills enable me to communicate and collaborate with others to achieve or exceed defined objectives.  

Moreover, my participation in a different district in Missouri and membership in a corporate club, have given me different perspectives and understanding of the challenges clubs face.  Having completed my term as a first-time Area Director (31) will also enable me to guide the new Area Directors in this division.   

I want our clubs to work on membership retention over the course of the year because only gaining new members without retaining the existing members is a losing battle.  Lastly, I want our clubs to earn DCP awards this year, especially those that have never won any.

I look forward to working with you in the coming months! You can reach me at divcdir@d53tm.org.

Sincerely in Toastmasters Service,           
Selina Tourjee