Elected Officers for 2023-24

District Administrative Manager Norm Thibodeau, DTM, and District Director John J. Hogan, DTM, announced the results of the April 27, 2023 business meeting, and International Director from Region 9 Jeff Sobel DTM, installed these officers in these roles for the 2023-2024 program year.

  • For District Director (DD), Patti Walter DTM
  • For District Program Quality Director (PQD), Bettyann Peck DTM
  • For District Club Growth Director (CGD), Mohan Padamati DTM
  • For Division A Director, Stephanie Roy
  • For Division B Director, Ebru Unal
  • For Division C Director, Selina Tourjee
  • For Division D Director, Mark Wing
  • For Division E Director, Elizabeth Keeling

John J. Hogan DTM, will be Immediate Past District Director, and has accepted appointment to the role of chair of the District Leadership Committee (DLC), which will interview and recommend candidates for elected office in the 2024-2025 program year.

Other results from the District 53 Business Meeting on April 27, 2023 can be found here.