Dear District Director Akihiro Ishii, 

The District 53 Leadership Committee (DLC) missed an early deadline for committee formation, because a representative from one division could not be found in time. The Committee’s work is thus considered Invalid by the language of the Toastmasters Governing Documents.

We also were unable to find a Division D Director candidate, and our report is considered Incomplete. Thus, all candidates are considered Floor Candidates. This report is purely advisory for the District Council, and each candidate will run from the floor. The candidates photographs and biographical forms are available here.

The Committee submits the following advisory for the District’s elective offices in the 2022-2023 program year in District 53. 

For the Division Directors

  • For Division A Director — Jacqueline Kessler
  • For Division B Director — Scott E. Davis
  • For Division C Director — Chad Babcock
  • For Division E Director — Beth Van Kempen

A total of six nominated candidates for Division D Director declined to advance their nominations, and no other member in good standing responded to invitations to self-nominate.

For the District’s principal officers: 

  • For District Club Growth Director — Mohan Padamati, Bettyann Peck
  • For District Program Quality Director — Patricia Walter
  • For District Director — John J. Hogan

The deadline for the District Director to receive nominations for floor candidates for ANY District Position is April 30, 2022 at 3:00pm EDT, seven (7) days prior to the spring Business Meeting — Because this report is both invalid and incomplete, all Floor Candidates must contact you as the District Director, declaring their intent to run for any position.

Respectfully Submitted,

The 2021-2022 District Leadership Committee

  • Andrew B. Watt, chair
  • Janice Dimock, Division A
  • Shakerie Williams, Division B
  • Dave Pelland, Division C
  • Judith Hardy, Division D
  • James Virnelli III, Division E