Each Toastmasters District is divided into Divisions (about 20-30 clubs) and Areas (about 4-6 clubs). District 53 is currently divided into five Divisions (A-E) and twenty-four Areas (numbered 11-15, 21-25, 31-35, 41-44, and 51-55). Divisions and Areas are usually organized geographically. A member of one of the District’s clubs is appointed as the Area Director, while Division Directors are elected by the District Council. The Area Directors and Division Directors provide coaching, counsel and guidance to the club officers in their territories, and receive credit toward the Distinguished Toastmaster award for their service.

Division A

ADivision DirectorJackie Kessler, DL5 PM5
11AMelanie Pettigrew-Lee, PM4
12ADevaki Krishnan, EC3
13ARichard May, MS5 PM4
14AAaron Anaya, MS3
15ABrenda Palumbo, MS1

Division B

Division B contains clubs which strech along the middle coastal cities of CT. From the Mystic Aquarium, to Yale University, to the Beardsley Zoo, there is no dearth of interesting and historic landmarks near the locations of our clubs. And indeed, we even have Mystic Aquarium and Yale Toastmasters clubs. We are proud to include Nutmeg Toastmasters, the oldest club in District 53 and home club of 2020-21 International President Richard Peck. Some of our most successful clubs include Park City Toastmasters of Stratford and Eagle Toastmasters, both of which regularly earn the President’s Distinguished Club designation. 

BDivision DirectorPaul Terman, PM5 DL1
22BScott Davis, PM1
23BAnn McGuire
24BShaw Bates, DTM
25BEbru Unal

Division C

Division DirectorChad Babcock, DTM
31CSelina Tourjee, MS1
32CAimee Soucy, DL5
33CGurinder Garcha, DTM
34CDebbie Petrelle, PI2
35CSugan Kumar, DTM

Division D

Division DirectorPaula Zajac, DTM
41DStephanie Roy, PM2 IP4
42DHenry Kudisch, DL1
43DMark Wing, EH3
44DDoug Cloutier, IP3

Division E

Division DirectorBeth Van Kempen, ACB DL1
51ELiz Keeling, PI4
52EMary Howard, EH4
53ERobert Zitowsky, TC3
54EAdebola Elefontuyi, PM5
55EBen Biskynis, IP4