District 53 Online Ballot Links

Listed below are the online ballot links for the Sept 23, 2021 District Council Business Meeting

  • Instruction when to use each ballot will be provided by the meeting facilitator, which will typically be the District Director.
  • Please do NOT open any ballot prior to the time when the votes are cast.
  • Ballots may only be used once. Subsequent use will generate an error.
  • Only the ‘Test Ballot’ may be used multiple times and at any time.

Test Ballot

Q. Roll Call Credentials Registration

A. Approval of Year-End Audit Report

B. Approval of Spring DC Minutes

C. Approval of Budget

D. Confirmation of Appointed Officers

E. Approval of District Success Plan

Misc Ballot 1

Misc Ballot 2

Misc Ballot 3

Misc Ballot 4

Misc Ballot 5